Response from John Kasich



Dear Jennifer,


As we discussed over the phone last week, our campaign’s policy is to not complete candidate questionnaires (due to the volume of questionnaires). However we do want to provide information regarding Gov. John Kasich’s stances on the issues that are important to all Americans, including the Black Women’s Roundtable, and some examples of his work as Governor of Ohio and during his time serving in the U.S. House of Representatives. Ohio was in a ditch when Gov. Kasich took office – high unemployment and $8 billion in the red. As a result of Gov. Kasich’s leadership, Ohio’s economy is strong – with an unemployment rate lower than the national average – and Ohio now has $2 billion in it’s rainy day fund. The economic engine is strong, and that is good for all of Ohio’s communities. Governor Kasich’s entire career has been about improving government and making it more effective so that government does not stand in the way of Americans reaching their dreams and living their purpose, as you will see with the examples below.


  1. Gov. John Kasich believes that we are all created children of God and that we must help each other reach our full potential and live our purpose. Our neighbors who live in the shadows or who are the most vulnerable are especially deserving of our support, and John Kasich has successfully worked in Congress and as Governor of Ohio to make sure that when we set out to lift people up, they get the help they need and taxpayers get the value they deserve. Read more here:


  1. John Kasich’s extensive experience as U.S. House Budget Committee chairman, in the private sector and as governor of one of the largest states in the nation helped him develop a keen understanding of what it takes to create opportunity, empower job creation and foster economic growth. America needs that experience. Read more here:


  1. Gov. John Kasich emphasized minority hiring as Governor of Ohio, and as a result the State of Ohio, for the first time in 3 decades, reached the target of buying 15% of eligible goods and services from minority-owned businesses. Gov. Kasich’s leadership helped make meeting that target possible. the State of Ohio also  Read more here:


  1. Gov. Kasich has formed a task force to address issues and make recommendations to improve relations between communities and police. As a result of the task force’s recommendations, Gov. Kasich issued an executive order forming the first-ever advisory board to govern standards for Ohio’s police departments. You can read the recommendations of the task force and see why Ohio is on the forefront of setting statewide standards addressing issues such proper use-of-force and screening and hiring practices. The report can be found here:


Hopefully this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me with follow up questions or concerns.


Thank you Jennifer!

All the best,