Affordable Housing for Renters and Homeowners

Q12: Do you have a plan to address affordable housing for low and middle income households?

Clinton: “I support affordable housing for low and middle-income households.  For example, as Senator, I introduced legislation to dedicate new funds to subsidized rental and safety net housing, and co-sponsored the LEGACY Act to help grandparents who are raising grandchildren secure affordable housing. I also worked to expand employer-assisted housing, opposed the Bush administration’s plan to cut the community development block grant program, and worked to preserve Section 8 housing assistance. I will be sharing my ideas on affordable housing in the coming months.”


Sanders: Yes. “It is no secret that over the past decade, incomes have failed to keep up with the escalating costs of housing. At a time when millions of families are struggling to get by, and when many households are spending 50 percent or more of their limited income on housing, we need to provide resources to build and provide affordable housing many Americans so desperately need.

“In 2001, I proposed legislation to create a National Affordable Housing Trust Fund (NAHTF) to construct, preserve, or rehabilitate at least 1.5 million rental housing units each and every year for extremely low to moderate income households. Last year, I successfully worked with the Federal Housing Finance Agency to provide hundreds of millions in funding for affordable rental housing nationwide, albeit not nearly enough to address the severe crisis that now exists. As President, I will work to fully fund and expand the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund and the National Low Income Housing Tax Credit to make sure all Americans have access to affordable housing.”

Carson: “Improving the economy and creating a vibrant job market makes housing more affordable for low and middle income households “