Black Women’s Roundtable (BWR)

Welcome to the Black Women’s Roundtable BWR Voter Guide 2016 

The BWR Voter Guide 2016  is a non-partisan resource for voters to prepare to participate in national, state and local elections in their communities. The voter guide offers a unique opportunity for voters to learn about the Presidential candidates and their vision for the country. The guide includes key 2016 election dates for caucuses, primaries, general election, state voter registration deadlines, Republican and Democratic conventions, official presidential debates and much more!

Black women voters are a powerful force. In the past two presidential elections, Black women led all demographic groups in voter turnout. In the 2014 Virginia mid-term elections, Black women voters exceeded all other groups in turning out on Election Day. Black women follow the candidates and vote in their best interest and that of their families and communities.

The BWR Voter Guide 2016 will be updated throughout the 2016 Election Cycle with additional questionnaire responses we may receive from presidential candidates and other resources to assist voters.  

The extensive questionnaire focused on key issues identified by BWR’s research, national and state-based network members and partners that are important to Black women including the ESSENCE/BWR Power of the Sister Vote Poll that was released in September 2015.

What you will find in the voter guide are the candidates’ unedited responses to the questionnaire (along with a letter from one candidate, and e-mails sent on behalf of two other candidates), which are organized in the five policy major categories. These responses along with the candidate profiles provide substantial information about the field; but more importantly, the reader can develop a framework for sifting through all of the positions and policy options that emerge during the election cycle.

We hope voters will find the 2016 BWR Voter Guide useful as they prepare to exercise their right to vote.


Candidate profiles are available by clicking the corresponding candidate photo below: